Außergewöhnliche und ÖKO ÜBERNACHTUNG im NATUR


Welcome to Poland                                                       

… on the banks of the River Oder

… in the Dolina Miłości (Valley of Love) !!!


Zatoń Dolna was previously a fishing village. In the 19th century, with its 7 restaurants and well-maintained national parks, it became a vacation spot enjoyed by Berlin’s aristocracy. With its own microclimate, the area was renowned for its fruit.

Prior to 1945, there was a major brick factory on the INN VIVO site. Until then, the region was part of Germany. After the war, it suddenly became a part of Poland. Refugees came from the former Polish territories in the east, themselves suddenly expelled from was is now part of the Ukraine.

Today Zatoń Dolna has around 60 inhabitants. Due to itswonderful location beside the river, its unusual terrain and the charm of its forests, it continues to be a great place forrelaxation, walking and fishing.

           BETWEEN VALLEYS, RIVER AND FOREST            

INN VIVO extends over 6 hectares of varied terrain(forest, clay quarry, sand dunes, meadows, coarse grass, wet areas, streams, pools…) with a great diversity of vegetation and easy-to-spot wildlife. And on the hills, sculpted during the ice age, you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse one of the last Dahus in Poland!

INN VIVO is situated on the edge of 22,000 hectares of forest in the Cedynia National Park; a few metres from theUnteres Odertal National Parkand a few kilometres from theSchofeide-Chorin Biosphere ornithological reserve, which has been classed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

               LOCAL WILDLIFE                                            

white-tailed eagle,     fallow deers,                dahus,

racoon(s?),       woodpeckers,               deers

                                 beavers,         storks         and of course... 

squirrels, row deer, boar, foxes, badgers, ducks, owls, wild geese,  swans, gulls, and… even homo sapiens!


              INN VIVO... LIVING IN NATURE!                            


  • The WILLOWS will shade you as you walk amongst magnificent trees and tranquil pools, crossing over the little wooden bridges.               

  • The STREAM leads you down into its valley.

  • The LITTLE PLATEAU, cut off from the world, invites you to stop for a while. A forest of fruit trees watches over the campsite, the Inuit tent and wooden cabin.

  • By day, the children turn the SAND DUNES into their underground lair or an Indian camp. By night, it is the ideal place for sleeping under the stars or in a tipi.    

  • The CLEARING with is tall faux-acacia trees looks over a partially shaded beach volleyball pitch. In springtime, the flowers of the acacias are picked to flavour sweetened buns, while the lemonade is flavoured with elder blossom!

  • DAHU HILL offers a wonderful outlook point with a view of the river flowing below.

  • The old trees in the ORCHARD droop with ancient varieties of fruit that you will not find in any market today. With the scent of marjoram and dry grass around them, our goats rummage peacefully.

The last of the clay from the QUARRY was extracted almost one hundred years ago. Now it makes a perfect spot for artists to find their inspiration…


1 km away lies Dolina Miłości ("Valley of Love"), a recently redeveloped 80 ha park.

It has an interesting history: At the beginning of the 19thcentury, Anna von Humbert, a German aristocrat of French ancestry, gave the park to her husband as a symbol of her love.                    

The park is a long walk back in time, through a natural forest of immense trees and into the world of mischievous pixies…

INN-VIVO has a strangely similar tale of its own, with a love story just as powerful, a past with legends and its own romantic places abound…