Außergewöhnliche und ÖKO ÜBERNACHTUNG im NATUR


Wir können euch ein Kanu leihen, um direkt von zu Hause zum Fluss zu fahren.

                      NATURE HOLIDAYS                             

- Fishing

- Swimming: in the Oder, in lakes or in the sea

- Snuggling the goats

- Dozing in a hammock in the wood

- Picking fruit and mushrooms

- Visiting the ornithological park and biosphere reserve

- Seeing beavers and the European bison

- Walking on a donkey trail


                      LEARNING HOLIDAYS                          

- Learn about eco-construction

- Taking part in cooking

Caring for animals

- Joining in with farmwork

                       ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS                              


- Bike rides, horse rides, walking

- Table tennis, badminton, volleyball



                  GAMES & ART HOLIDAYS                      

- Outdoor and indoor games available

- Evening activities (games, accordion concerts, singing, massages...)

- Building with wood, ‘land art’ and more...


                   CULTURAL HOLIDAYS                                

- History walks, including the legends of Dolina Miłości "Valley of Love"

- The biggest plane-tree in Europe

- Visiting Berlin

- Slavic-Viking village

- Interactive museum of the National Park  

- Boat elevator

- Beautiful monastery

- Festivals, including "Globe trotter", "Wiking", "Woodstock"...