Außergewöhnliche und ÖKO ÜBERNACHTUNG im NATUR


               OUR VALUES                                                     


 We are building INN VIVO with the idea that one should be

         * at peace with oneself

        *  at peace with others

        * at peace with nature



The houses, cabins and other buildings at INN VIVO are built, where possible:

- using our own labour

- using local, eco-friendly, recyclable materials

- ensuring they fit into the landscape and local architecture.

- to require less energy and deal with waste intelligently.


We eat the produce from our own garden, from what we can gather, and, when possible, also from fishing and raising livestock.

This ensures that all the ingredients are of top quality and safe to eat, and it provides us with produce that is local, fresh and in-season.


As we want every guest to feel at ease, communal spaces are just as important to us as private spaces.

Furthermore, we are always here to listen to the needs of our guests to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. 

Sharing is easy and from it everybody gains…


Definitiona way of life aiming to lower ones use of goods, with the intention of leading a life based on essential values.   (see Pierre RABHI)

Doing the work ourselves:

          * Producing/growing (or gathering) fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, bread, eggs, meat, cheese

          * Cutting wood for heating

          * Building our houses and cabins

Being independent from consumer society:

           * Making or restoring furniture and other objects

           * Using new media cleverly

           * Using the minimum amount of energy and water necessary

           * Ensuring the amount of rubbish thrown away is kept to a minimum

 "Being" rather that "having":

             * Enjoying getting together with other people, mixing with our neighbours and taking part in village life

           * Playing together

          * Taking the time to get to know yourself and spending time in nature

          * Organising events that bring people together for fun or learning (themed nights, dances, get-togethers for artists, workshops…)